The Differences Between Gaffer Tape And Duct Tape

the versatility of gaffer tapeIf a problem pops up in your home and you can’t fix it, most people will reach for the duct tape.

If you don’t have any duct tape around, you might notice gaffa tape being mentioned around your DIY store and wonder what the difference is.

Both of these tapes offer strong hold and are multi-purpose which you can see here:, but what are the specific characteristics that you need to know about?

The Type of Adhesive

When you look at any type of tape, you need to consider the type of adhesive you are getting.

Duct tape is one of a small number of adhesive tapes that offers you a permanent or semi-permanent adhesive which ensures that the tape remains in place for a long time.

If you use duct tape, you can generally leave it there forever or you could remove it when you need to.

Gaffa or Gaffer tape is different as it only offers you a removable adhesive.

Gaffer tape is ideal when you need a temporary solution and do not want to cause any damage to the surface below the tape.

This type of tape is often used in the entertainment industry to mark locations on stages.

How Easy it is to Tear

When it comes to breaking duct tape, you will often need to use scissors.

what can you use duct tape for?There are some kinds of duct tape which can be torn by hand, but most will have extra reinforcements which limit this.

If you are looking at this type of duct tape, you will not be able to tear it and will need to cut it.

Gaffer tape is a bit easier to use when you do not have any cutting tools on hand. This is due to the fact that the tape can be torn by hand. If you are in a rush to complete a job, gaffer tape will generally be easier to use because you can easily break it.

Resistance to Water and Heat

Duct tape is water and weather resistant which is why many people use it when they have a problem with their pipes.

It is important to note that duct tape is not actually very heat resistant.

In extreme heat conditions, the tape may start to slide or dry up which will decrease the strength and cause the tape to fail.

Gaffer tape is also water resistant and can be used on pipes for a temporary fix.

This type of tape is also resistant to high heat temperatures. This makes gaffer tape ideal for use in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight and to other forms of heat such as lighting.

The Flexibility

Duct tape can easily be stretched and is considered to be very flexible. This flexibility allows people to use the tape in tight areas and around irregular contours. It also makes it easier to wrap around items.

Duct tape also known as gaffer or gaffaGaffer tape is not as flexible as duct tape. This tape should be used when you need the tape to hold a single shape and not stretch like duct tape. Tight fits will often be a problem when you are using gaffer tape.

The Finish

Most people do not really care about what their tape looks like, but there are others that need different colours. Duct tape will come in 7 different colours with reflective finishes. This is ideal for when you have to colour code or label things.

Gaffer tape only comes in one colour and that is black that has a matte finish.

This makes the tape ideal for securing cables which need to remain invisible under lights. If you do not have a need for any other colours, this tape can also be very helpful.