Why Do Plumbers Need To Be Fully Gas Safe Registered?

gas safe registerIf you are going to hire a plumber to help you install a new boiler, they need to be Gas Safe registered.

This is a designation that certifies that they have gone through proper training in order to install gas boilers. This will not be necessary if they are only installing boilers that are running on electricity.

However, if they are doing repairs, and yours is operating on some type of flammable gas, they will certainly need to have this certification. Here are some of the top reasons why this is so important, and how to find plumbers that do have this certification.

What Does This Gas Safe Certification Do?

It allows them to understand what must be done when they are installing, or repairing, gas boilers that utilise gas or a similar type of fuel to power one of these devices. There is going to be a probability that, if there is an unwanted spark, that there could be some type of damage. By understanding how to install these different devices, they are able to ensure the safety of not only themselves, but those that will have this installed at their apartment or home. It gives you peace of mind, at the very least, that those you are employing to work on your gas boiler will understand what must be done.

How Do You Find Plumbers That Have This Certification?

Those that do have this certification such as Northampton plumbers Assett Plumbing are going to be listed online. You can do a search for plumbers Gas Safe registered, and you will find this information. You can enter the postcode where you are currently living in the UK and find the Gas Safe registered businesses in your immediate area.

This will include professional such as those that work with boilers, central heating, plumbers, and even those that will work on caravans and boats.

Another way is to directly check to see if a business has this type of certification. Simply enter in the business registration number, or the business name, in order to see if they are registered. By doing so, you will know that the company you are hiring will understand how to install, replace, and repair a boiler that you have at your place of residence.

What If They Are Not Registered?

If a company is not registered, it is recommended that you find one that is. They may reside in an area that is not too far away. Even if it will cost you extra money to pay for the transit to and from your location, you will know that the job will be completed by a professional that is Gas Safe registered.

You may have friends or colleagues that may have recently used a professional to help them with an installation or repair. If they can recommend this business, and if they are fully certified, you could call them to set an appointment. This type of work can be very dangerous, and by working with a plumber that is not certified in this way, you could be placing your family or employees in danger while they are doing these jobs.

Many people that have problems with their central heating, boiler, or similar item may not be Gas Safe registered.

In order to legally carry out this work, they must have this certification. All registered businesses should have at least one person that has been issued a Gas Safe ID card. Without it, they would not be able to legally perform this type of work at your house or place of business. By using the different options the website, you will quickly be able to ascertain whether or not they can do the work for you.